Head And Neck Cancer Social Support Group

frogProviding information and social support for Head and Neck cancer patients, their carers, relatives and friends.

The group meetings are held on the second Friday of every month at 12 noon until 2.30pm at Cancer Support Yorkshire.


Daisy House Farm, 44 Smith Lane, Bradford West Yorkshire, BD9 6DA

Would you like to share your thoughts and feelings with others who have had the same illness and cancer journey as yourself?

We can say “we know what you feel like” – we have been there! made the journey from diagnosis, through treatment and on to recovery and able to lead a normal fufiiled life again.

Members can tell you what it feels like to go through recovery, possible after-effects and how they coped.

The journey naturally affects friends and family who have already supported a loved one

Finally,when you feel up to it, please come along and bring a partner, friend or carer – we would love to see you – there is a buffet lunch and raffle for you as well.