Recipes And Diets

The following booklet is a totally informal collection of some – hopefully – useful practical tips and tricks around preparing and enjoying food. However challenging you may find this for the time being, please do carry on! Some tried and tested recipes (credit for feedback and ideas goes to fellow maxfac patients in Munich where I used to be a patient for a while) are included, all of which can be adjusted to your needs and preferences, and most importantly can be varied widely with a range of ingredients. Some recipes may appear a bit exotic initially but do give these outside-the-box ideas a try to see if they work for you.

This is work in progress and I would hope that as time goes on some of you will want to contribute your own experiences, useful discoveries, recipes and tips for all to share.

Between us there is such a valuable body of helpful expert know-how but it is highly unlikelythat any commercial enterprise will ever collate such information for maxfac patients, simplybecause we are not a ‘big enough market’. Nothing wrong with a little bit of non-commercialDIY and mutual support, I should think! The booklet will be updated regularly and togetherperhaps we can add a distinctive Yorkshire maxfac gourmet flavour to the current Bavarian flavour of the collection; it’s a start… Currently the recipes are largely drawn from European cuisine.

Download the booklet here